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Welcome to the Re-enactment group "Ritterhellas". Α historical-revival association, which was created on the basis of participation and organisation of cultural events reffering to the most important moments of the medieval history from the Crusades to the era of the Knights of Renaissance Europe. The team does re-enactments in authentic locations and castles where the brother knights of Templar, Hospitaller and Teutonic Orders where active and wrote their great history. In the team also becomes historical study of medieval years and practice in medieval martial arts. It would be our honor and out most pleasure to travel with us throughout time and re-enact the historical events, which marked the ancient castles and strongholds of our country.

Δευτέρα, 12 Απριλίου 2010

22 & 23 MAY 2010
Kastro Kyllinis
Chlemoutsi, Clermont, Castel Tornese

Chlemoutsi Castle,Medieval weekend 2010


Clermont moments


 Programm -  program

Σάββατο ( Samstag – Saturday):  11:00 – 13:30

Παρέλαση, γνωριμία με τους χώρους του Κάστρου, σύντομη ιστορία της περιοχής, ασκήσεις σπαθασκίας

Ritterturnier, Parade,  Historische Geschichte des Schlosses,  Fechten

Parade, acquaintance with the places of Castle, short history of region, sword exercises

Σάββατο ( Samstag – Saturday):  19:00 – 21:00

Παρέλαση, διαλέξεις  για την περίοδο του Μεσαίωνα (Ο ρόλος των  Γυναικών ) & ( Επεξηγήσεις για τους εξοπλισμούς και τα όπλα ), Ασκήσεις σπαθασκίας 

Parade , Vorträge während des Zeitraums des Mittelalters ( Die Rolle der Frauen ) & ( Erklärungen für die Ausrüstung und die Arme ), Fechten

Parade, lectures for the period of Middle Age (The role of Women ) & ( Explanations for the equipment and the arms ), sword exercises

Κυριακή (SonntagSunday ): 11.00 – 13:.00

Μεσαιωνικά παιχνίδια για τα παιδιά, απονομή πτυχίων

Mittelalterliche Spiele für die Kinder

Medieval games for the children.


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